Why is Supawfood the best dog food?

  • Less than 15% CARBS & zero GLUTEN

  • Over 100% of daily required amount of PROTEIN.

  • Over 100% of daily FIBRE requirements.

  • Only healthy and natural FATS

  • Over 18 trace MINERALS like calcium, iron, vitamins and more!

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Using only human grade ingredients, supawfood packs in only the best food products to provide your dog the healthiest nutrition there is. And all this with zero fillers and preservatives!

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Each Supawfood meal costs much lesser than any other Fresh Food brand & costs only slightly more than a premium dry food brand like Orijen/Acana/N&D.

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Rotational Diet

Rotational diet allows your dog to adapt to various food items and reduces risk of various illnesses as they grow older.

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No more wondering how much food to give everyday! Supawfood meals come in per meal tiffins and you just need to open and serve.

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Easy on the tummy

Our meals are mashed which allows fast eating dogs to easily digest the meals preventing any health issues. The fact that the food is naturally fresh makes it even more digestible.

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Cooked with care

Not everything cooks equally! that's why every ingredient of Supawfood is cooked separately at different temperatures to keep their nutrition in-tact.

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