Rotational Diet

What is rotational diet?

Rotational diets for dogs involve regularly changing the ingredients of food they consume.

By rotating different ingredients of high-quality dog food, you can provide a wider range of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Each food has a unique nutrient profile, ensuring your dog receives a WELL ROUNDED , BALANCED DIET.

Health benefits

A varied diet that includes different sources of protein, fats, and omega-3 fatty acids contributes to a healthier coat and skin for dogs. Switching between different protein sources and formulations can help promote better digestion and reduce the chances of developing gastrointestinal problems.

Consistently feeding the same food can lead to imbalances in certain nutrients, either through excess or deficiency. A rotational diet helps minimize this risk by offering a broader spectrum of nutrients over time. Rotational diets also stimulates a dog's appetite, as they are presented with new and exciting flavors and textures.

How we manage Rotation?

At Supawfood we Rotate!

We understand this and strive to provide our paw clients with healthy meals that are packed with all the essential minerals and vitamins. To ensure that our pets get all the necessary nutrients, we rotate our meats with vegetables and supplements. This way, we make sure that every month's meal contains all the amino acids, minerals, and vitamins needed for optimal health.