Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is this food so expensive?

Supawfood is not expensive! Just check out our comparison with others on the Compare cost page to know more.

We seem expensive in first glance because we own up to ensure that we will take care of your dog's caloric needs on a monthly basis. Plus we deliver everyday and use only fresh ingredients.

Do you deliver every day? What if you miss it?

Yes we deliver every day. However, given the small chance that we miss on a certain day, not only will we let you know in advance, but we would also urge you to keep backup for for your dog for those operational possibilities.

Why should I not continue with Dry food?

Dry kibble is like potato chips. Would you eat them everyday?

They are cooked and then garnished for maximum palatability and not for maximum nutrition.

Also, human as well as animal bodies are able to break down natural food much faster and to much higher efficiency than processed food.

Can I pause/cancel/reschedule my subscription?

Yes you can. We need to be informed about such a requirement at least 48 hours prior to the same.

Once accepted, you can opt for refund as per pro-rata for the remaining days or take the pending meals on other chosen dates.

What if my dog has an allergy to ingredient/s?

Please let us know about the allergies in the consultation call. We will ensure to prepare meals for your dog without the ingredient.

However, such a meal will come under Customised meals and might be priced slightly differently. We will try and make sure that the same does not change too much from the normal food price.

My dog refused to eat, what should I do?

Please whatsapp us to get a transition plan for your dog. If the transition does not work within 7-10 days, we will be happy to cancel and refund your subscription amount for the remaining days.

Do you prepare vegetarian meals for dogs?

Yes, we do have Vegetarian meals for dogs. We understand that some homes need this as a part of their requirements and hence strive to provide the best possible nutrition for them within these constraints.

How do you manage the optimum protein levels in vegetarian food?

We use a variety of plant-based proteins by combining tofu, paneer, chickpea, kidney beans & legumes. We also ensure higher amount of Amino acid containing ingredients in these meals to ensure that the dog's bodies are able to break down the protein in the right manner.

How do you source ingredients?

We order our ingredients from widely trusted sources. We collect meats via Licious, plant-based ingredients are sourced via big basket. We ensure to purchase organic plant-based ingredients & GMO-free meat. 

Do we have to visit the nutritionist?

No, It is not necessary. However, we do have a Pet Nutritionist available on chat if you need any help for your dog.

In case if you select a customized plan, it would include an in-person pet nutritionist consultation. 

What is the refund policy?

Please refer to the refund policy

Do we need to add supplements to meals?

Not necessarily. While our meals are well balanced, some dogs may need additional support in terms of additives as per their specific health conditions. Do check with our nutritionist to know more.

Can we give treats during the day?

Yes. You can give treats, however, it is advised you follow the guidelines provided by our nutritionist or keep the treats to a minimum.

Do you deliver on Sunday?

Yes, we deliver every day. 7 days a week.

Can I change the delivery address mid-subscription?

Yes. You must inform us about the modification at least 48 hours prior to the same.

How are the meals packed?

We pack the meals in microwave-safe containers. The size of containers would differ based on the quantities of the meals.

Do you add pork/ beef to the meals?

No, among meats, we only use chicken, lamb & fish meat in our meals. Check out our list of all possible ingredients here.