Easy on Tummy

Why we mash the food?

Blended or mashed food for dogs, often referred to as a "wet" or "soft" diet, can offer several benefits for dogs. Mashed food often has a smoother and more appealing texture compared to dry kibble. This can make it more enticing for dogs, especially those who are picky eaters, have dental issues, or have difficulty chewing harder foods.

Also, dogs that eat too fast often end up with digestive issues with dry or chunky food. With soft diet, you can rest assured that the food will be easily

Tastier & Healthier

Wet food typically contains a higher moisture content than dry kibble. This is beneficial in promoting proper hydration, especially for dogs that don't drink enough water or have specific health conditions, such as kidney disease or urinary tract issues. Mashed food are beneficial for dogs with sensitive stomachs or gastrointestinal issues. It helps reduce the strain on the digestive system, making it easier for dogs to break down and absorb nutrients from their food. The moisture content in blended or mashed food can aid in the absorption of essential nutrients. This is particularly beneficial for dogs with digestive disorders or those who have difficulty absorbing nutrients efficiently.

How we Mash our meals

Once the ingredients are cooked separately, we transfer them in a huge container & wait for it to cool down. As the food reaches room temperature, we use a high power blender to mesh the food.

This also ensures that no 2 meals have different compositions by the way of chunks of food being missed out in one and overdone in the other. Mashed food is consistent in its guaranteed analysis in the same way as kibble food it, but with added health advantages.