Cost comparision

Compare SUPAWFOOD with all the other brands in the market and then make the smart decision.

We are going to compare all the brands for an ideal Cocker Spaniel who should be between 10-14 kgs in weight and would have between 700 - 750 calories required in his/her food per day.

Check out the requirements for yourself but SUPAWFOOD is by default measured as per your dog's caloric requirements.


They ask you to feed 1 pack per day which is 342 calories and almost half the caloric requirements of an adult Cocker Spaniel.

  • Real feeding cost

    To meet the sample dog's daily nutrition needs, you will need to feed them 2 packs a day and with average pack cost of Rs 280-380, your daily cost would go up to Rs 560-760 per day.

    That's over 17000/- per month minimum for this dog!

  • And its still packed!

    Even with all that, even with no preservatives, you are still feeding your dog a pre packed meal that was cooked a few weeks ago if not longer!

Nuts Over Mutts

They don't tell you their food's calorie count or minimum maximum nutrient balance in the food. We couldn't even find their fresh food pack images!

*do share if you find one.

  • How is this possible?

    All meals mentioned are same quantity for same weight category of dogs which is very difficult to achieve given how different constituents can vary in their calories, protein and other measurements.

  • Real feeding cost

    Assuming their suggestions are correct (which we have no way of knowing), this dog would need 4 packs of 100g chicken+mutton variant per day, which is priced at 749/-.

    The best possible subscription cost would be over 16000/- per month.

    & you still feed frozen food!


They have no feeding guide but do mention the caloric count on the packs. Also limited ingredient packs means you will need to figure out rotational diet for your dog yourself!

  • Real Feeding Cost

    Given their every pack has 172 kcal, this dog would need almost 4.5 packs a day to make up 774 kcal!

    That comes up to between 1100 and 550 per day and extends to over 16000/-, at the very least, per month!

  • Truly Fresh?

    And even if you spend this, is this food really fresh? Real ingredients yes! but still cooked a few weeks or even possibly months ago.

    Is it the best? NOT WHEN THERE IS SUPAWFOOD available for less!


Again, no feeding chart so you just need to figure out for yourself how much your dog needs.

  • Real Feeding Cost

    To make up approx 750 kcal, we would need approx 500 gm of their food. They have a 300 g pack and another 200 g pack and combined cost is approx 590/- per day.

    The best possible subscription with them will cost you approx 14000/- per month.

  • And yet!

    You are buying packaged food and have to figure out rotational diet yourself.

Don't believe us? Ask Spock: